10. Conclusions and known limitations

There are a number of known limitations of the script, and almost certainly quite a few that are unknown! The known issues include:

multicolumn alignment

when working with code blocks in which multicolumn commands overlap, the algorithm can fail; see Listing 88.

textWrap after

when operating with indentRules (see Section 5.8) may not always cooperate with one another; if you have a specific example that does not work, please report it to (“Home of Latexindent.pl” n.d.).


particularly when the -m switch is active, as this adds many checks and processes. The current implementation relies upon finding and storing every code block (see the discussion on page page:phases); I hope that, in a future version, only nested code blocks will need to be stored in the ‘packing’ phase, and that this will improve the efficiency of the script.

You can run latexindent on any file; if you don’t specify an extension, then the extensions that you specify in fileExtensionPreference (see Listing 52) will be consulted. If you find a case in which the script struggles, please feel free to report it at (“Home of Latexindent.pl” n.d.), and in the meantime, consider using a noIndentBlock (see page lst:noIndentBlock).

I hope that this script is useful to some; if you find an example where the script does not behave as you think it should, the best way to contact me is to report an issue on (“Home of Latexindent.pl” n.d.); otherwise, feel free to find me on the http://tex.stackexchange.com/users/6621/cmhughes.

“Home of Latexindent.pl.” n.d. Accessed January 23, 2017. https://github.com/cmhughes/latexindent.pl.